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Dear participants of the 17th IB2MaC conference,

In connection with the situation related to the spread of coronavirus in the world, we would like to inform you that the conference has not been cancelled and it is not planned to transfer it to another date, because it is not known when the coronavirus will expire.

Preparation for the conference is proceeding as planned, but if it will be not possible to hold it in a traditional way with the arrival of participants to Krakow, we are preparing to organize it in the on-line version (parallel sessions during 3 days), based on the special platform which guarantee the participation in sessions as speaking presenters and participants via internet connections. Proceedings will be published by Balkema Publishing as e-book, so there will be no problem with access to the texts of the papers.

For now, we are waiting for developments of the situation without assuming anything ahead of time. We will provide final organizational information in a timely manner.

In addition, we recommend that you suspend your reservations for flights and hotels (these are currently many available).


International Scientific Committee

  • Daniel Abrams (USA)
  • Josep M. Adell (Spain)
  • Gilberto Artioli (Italy)
  • Katrin Beyer (Switzerland)
  • David Biggs (USA)
  • Vlatko Zvonimir Bosiljkov (Slovenia)
  • Gianmarco de Felice (Italy)
  • Manicka Dhanasekar (Australia)
  • Miloš Drdácký (Czech Republic)
  • Geoffrey Edgell (UK)
  • Fernando Fonseca (USA)
  • Carl-Alexander Graubner (Germany)
  • Michael Craig Griffith (Australia)
  • Xianglin Gu (China)
  • Barry Haseltine (UK)
  • Mehrdad Hejazi (Iran)
  • Jason Ingham (New Zeland)
  • Wolfram Jäger (Germany)
  • Jerzy Wojciech Jasieńko (Poland)
  • Stanisław Jemioło (Poland)
  • Andrzej Kadłuczka (Poland)
  • Paulo Barbosa Lourenço (Portugal)
  • Shelley Lissel (Canada)
  • Guido Magenes (Italy)
  • Dirk R. W. Martens (The Netherlands)
  • Mark John Masia (Australia)
  • Arun Menon (India)
  • Gabriele Milani (Italy)
  • Claudio Modena (Italy)
  • Nebojsa Mojsilović (Switzerland)
  • Daniel V. Oliveira (Portugal)
  • Adrian Wiliam Page (Australia)
  • Guilherme Aris Parsekian (Brazil)
  • Francesca da Porto (Italy)
  • John Roberts (UK)
  • Humberto Roman (Brazil)
  • Phillip Samblanet (USA)
  • Michael P. Schuller (USA)
  • Nigel G. Shrive (Canada)
  • Hipólito Sousa (Portugal)
  • Tadeusz Tatara (Poland)
  • Miha Tomazević (Slovenia)
  • Yuri Totoev (Australia)
  • Thanasis C. Triantafillou (Greece)
  • Maria Rosa Valluzzi (Italy)
  • Elizabeth Vintzileou (Greece)
  • Rob van der Pluijm (The Netherlands)
  • Maria Wesołowska (Poland)

Organizing Committee (Conference Co-Chairs)

  • Jan Kubica – Full Professor at Silesian University of Technology
  • Arkadiusz Kwiecień – Professor at Cracow University of Technology
  • Łukasz Bednarz – Associate Professor at Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Local Organizing Committee

  • Krzysztof Chudyba (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Cristina Gentilini (University of Bologna)
  • Łukasz Hojdys (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Andrzej Kadłuczka (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Marta Kałuża (Silesian University of Technology)
  • Piotr Krajewski (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Piotr Kuboń (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Piotr Matysek (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Witold Misztal (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)
  • Izabela Murzyn (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Tomasz Nowak (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)
  • Marek Skłodowski (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS)
  • Krzysztof Raszczuk (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)
  • Teresa Stryszewska (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Marcin Tekieli (Cracow University of Technology)
  • Bogusław Zając (Cracow University of Technology)

International Reviewer Panel

  • Rafael Aguilar (Peru)
  • Maria Antonietta Aiello (Italy)
  • Dariusz Alterman (Australia)
  • Marco Andreini (Switzerland)
  • Łukasz Bednarz (Poland)
  • Andrea Benedetti (Italy)
  • Roberto Capozucca (Italy)
  • Catherina Papanicolaou (Greece)
  • Sergey Churilov (Macedonia)
  • Camilla Colla (Italy)
  • Marco Corradi (Italy)
  • Stefano De Santis (Italy)
  • Dmytro Dizhur (New Zealand)
  • Łukasz Drobiec (Poland)
  • Elena Dumova-Jovanowska (Macedonia)
  • António Sousa Gago (Portugal)
  • Matija Gams (Slovenia)
  • Natalino Gattesco (Italy)
  • Cristina Gentilini (Italy)
  • Bahman Ghiassi (United Kingdom)
  • Łukasz Hojdys (Poland)
  • Alper Ilki (Turkey)
  • Marta Kałuża (Poland)
  • Jaromir Klouda (Czech Republic)
  • Piotr Krajewski (Poland)
  • Gian Piero Lignola (Italy)
  • Sergio Logomarsino (Italy)
  • Cristián Sandoval Mandujano (Chile)
  • Fabio Matta (USA)
  • Piotr Matysek (Poland)
  • Claudio Mazzotti (Italy)
  • Udo Meyer (Germany)
  • Francesco Micelli (Italy)
  • Paolo Morandi (Italy)
  • John Morton (United Kingdom)
  • Corina Papanicolaou (Greece)
  • Fernando Peña (Mexico)
  • Jan Rots (The Netherlands)
  • Theodoros Rousakis (Greece)
  • Yaacov Schafer (Israel)
  • Marek Skłodowski (Poland)
  • Leyla Tanaçan (Turkey)
  • Yuri Totoev (Australia)
  • Graça Vasconcelos (Portugal)
  • Alberto Viskovic (Italy)
  • Fenglai Wang (China)
  • Radek Zigler (Czech Republic)

17th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference - 17th IB2MaC 2020
Warszawska 24 Street   |   31-155 Kraków   |   info@17ibmac.com

Author of photographs: Jan Zych
Visitors number: 53