As Accompanying Events in frame of the IB2MAC Conference, following Events are scheduled:

Meeting of the New RILEM TC IMC

Part of Cluster E (Masonry, Timber and Cultural Heritage),
chaired by Prof. Maria Antonietta Aiello and Prof. Catherine (Corina) Papanicolaou.
9th July 2020 (11:30-13:00 and 14:00-16:00)

Meeting of the ISCARSAH
(The International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage
is a technical committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites - ICOMOS),
chaired by President: Görün Arun (Turkey).
5th July 2020 (14:00-18:30)

Meeting of Working Group
"Development of a worldwide research exchange in Masonry Veneer"

9th July 2020 (09:00-11:00)

With masonry veneer walls, aspects of the load-bearing, driving rain resistance, energy-saving thermal insulation and sound insulation have to be optimized. Although the basic design with two wall shells and a cavity is the same worldwide, different design principles have developed regionally. Research into the water penetration resistance of masonry veneer wythes has been carried out in the USA, Europe and several other countries since the 1920s. The influence of installing and sealing windows and door openings is a more recent area of investigation. Further research demand is seen in anchoring of the veneer-wythe and load-bearing of lintels.

The aim of the Worldwide Research Exchange in the Field of Masonry Veneer is sharing information to learn from each other and the networking of research projects. In a first step, a worldwide email list with contact persons and researchers shall be created. The second step is to establish opportunities for joint research projects, possibilities to meet each other and the structured exchange of information. All interested participants of the 17th IBMaC are cordially invited to the meeting.

... will be updated

Dear Participants of the 17th IB2MaC conference,

Due to the situation related to the spread of COVID-19 in the world, we would like to inform you that the Conference has not been cancelled and it is not planned to postpone it to another date, because no one knows when COVID-19 will expire.

We decided to organize an online conference as close as possible to regular ones and publish articles by the Balkema publisher . Participants want to publish their work already done in this difficult time (only a few articles have been withdrawn), so we will not lose their hard work (especially of young scientists). The future is now still unknown. We are afraid that some universities may have problems with funding for conferences next year.

After calculating of the conference budget, the Organizing Committee decided about partial reimbursement for online participation. All participants who overpaid the reduced fee will receive individual reimbursement forms with calculated refund.

Participation in the conference online without paper publication is also possible, after paying the online participation fee of 220 EUR.

A number of participants declared only paper publication in Balkema, thus we have only a few reserved spaces in online conference sessions for additional presentations. For those participants who want to participate online in the conference and present their work without publication, the online presentation fee is 300 EUR.

Qualification for presentation without publication will be done basing on the sent one page abstract. Please express your interest by sending information to the Organizing Committee (
The amount of reserved space in conference sessions for additional presentations is limited.

Last week we finished the editing process and sent submitted articles to Balkema. Finally, we sent 133 articles: 4 keynote, 7 semi-keynote and 122 regular. Now we are waiting for the ready e-book. A list of the conference articles with authors and titles can be found on the conference website. Access by means of a token to full texts should be available to participants before the conference.

We have started the next organizational stage of the conference. The first draft of the online conference program is presented on the conference website. We organize two parallel sessions blocks over 3 days with two special sessions and invited keynote and semi-keynote lectures. In addition, other conference activities will be available online: expert panel, Royal Castle Wawel tour, technical tour, concert, photo gallery and competitions (Best Paper Award and Best Photo Award). Accompanying events such as meetings and workshops are also planned. Detailed information will soon be available on the conference website.

We hired a professional supplier of online meetings to organize online conference sessions as close as possible to the traditional ones, based on a special platform. Presenters, chairpersons and participants will be connected via internet connections in virtual rooms, with the option of communicating with each other. An online network will also be available in special virtual rooms during coffee breaks. The presentations will be prepared and operated by Google Slides. Relevant information with instructions on how to prepare presentations in Google Slides will soon be send to the authors. Participation in the conference without presentation will also be possible, after receiving a special access code.

More information soon.

17th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference - 17th IB2MaC 2020
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Author of photographs: Jan Zych

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